our mission

Our mission is to provide an unequalled landscape solution and value to each client while always respecting and protecting the environment.

a passion for landscaping
We find fulfillment in creating stunning and efficient landscapes and we approach every project with the mindset of an artisan.

to provide highest quality landscape service
We have exceptional standards and our commitment is to provide the highest quality landscape services we possibly can. We continually evaluate our company's and suppliers' products and processes to ensure that we are providing the highest quality service that we can.

to make people's lives better
Outdoor spaces are important and they enhance our quality of life. It may be a European garden created in an urban backyard, a cascading waterfall welcoming friends, an outdoor kitchen and firepit for family gatherings, a city park, or simply a green area at work — we want to make people's lives better.

to make our clients happy by helping them to realize their unique landscape solution
Our clients are our most important partner in our business. We want to help them to realize their unique landscape solution so that they can enjoy their outdoor space.

to exceed our clients' expectations
It is our goal to ensure that every client is completely satisfied with our work and that we exceed his or her expectations.

to provide value to our clients
It is principal to us to provide value to our clients by delivering landscape solutions that are well planned and executed at a competitive price, and most importantly, exceed our clients' expectations. We are constantly working on innovative ways to improve the value to our customers.

to provide a safe and nurturing work environment for our employees to learn, grow and succeed
We are responsible to our employees and we respect them as individuals and realize their value. We must provide our co-workers a safe and nurturing work environment that provides each one the opportunity to do well and care for themselves and their families. Our ability to succeed as a company is dependent on each co-worker individually, as well as our cohesiveness as a team. We make every effort to create a work environment where motivated co-workers can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. We manage weakness and maximize strength. We recognize effort and reward results. We believe in equal opportunity employment.

to realizes profits
We want to earn a fair profit. We must make a good profit to ensure our success as a business and as individuals. We know that profits are vital to creating capital for growth, opportunity and success. We must continue to evaluate our procedures and offer new proactive and progressive products and services to our clients. New equipment must be purchased and facilities maintained. We believe we are obliged to save for adverse periods and invest in our clients, co-workers and community. We believe that if we operate according to these principles, we will make a positive contribution to the quality of life of our clients, co-workers, business and community.

to be committed to strengthen our community — through involvement, action and giving
Remaining grounded and involved in our community is an important aspect of our company. We are active participants in our community and believe this is our responsibility. We recognize we are responsible to support good causes in our community and we contribute to emergency, health, social, family, and athletic organizations.

to employ sensible environmental practices
We consider the environment important and we want to protect it. We recycle, reduce our waste and purchase green power. We are EarthWISE certified and are committed to sustainable practices. We offer levels of green landscaping solutions to our clients to make it possible for everyone to participate in sustainable practices. We do our best to provide exceptional service to our clients while helping our community to be a more earth friendly place to work and live.

to have good relationships with our suppliers
We consider our suppliers as partners helping us to provide superior services to our clients. It is our goal to have honest and mutually supportive relationships with our suppliers and to see them succeed. We treat our suppliers with respect and fairness and expect the same in return. We seek suppliers that share our values.

to employ honesty
We believe that honesty and integrity are paramount to an individual, as well as a business, and that they are requisite traits to achieving contentment and accomplishment. They help provide an open, safe and equitable environment. It is our purpose to conduct our business and ourselves in an honest manner in every circumstance.

our history

Green Acres Landscape has been serving Oregon since 1992. We began as a landscape maintenance company with two employees, in Salem, Oregon.

Today, we are a full-service landscape company that supports 50 employees and offers residential, commercial and industrial landscape solutions.

let us help

enhance your quality of life by providing the right landscape solution for you

GA quick facts

  • QUAL-ICPI credited
  • Belgard Preferred Contractor
  • Mutual Preferred Contractor
  • Rain Bird Select Contractor
  • earthWISE Certified
  • Co-worker Continuing Education Requirements
  • Pesticide License
  • LCB licenses, Bonded, Insured

a successful solution begins with listening and ends with delivering

1. listen
Listen, engage and understand what your needs, aspirations and parameters are for your landscape solution – for your outdoor space. A solution begins with a consultation, and that consultation begins with listening to you.

2. develop
Develop a landscape solution that meets your objectives and budget demands. This includes frequent communication with you to ensure that we are considering every one of your requisites. Plans may be simple or complex, depending on job requirements.

3. present
Present a formal proposal for your review. We wish to submit a proposal in person, however, if preferred, we will fax, email or mail a proposal.

4. pledge
Pledge to honor our promises with a written agreement (Landscape Agreement).

5. review
Review the project solution and perform an on-site evaluation. A landscape professional and you will perform an on-site plan assessment to ensure everyone has an identical understanding of the solution.

6. execute
Execute a solution that is professional, efficient, minimally intrusive and that facilitates good communication. Our objective is to implement a solution precisely according to our pledge.

7. deliver
Deliver a landscape solution that exceeds your expectations for artisanship, excellence and value. Our process ends with an on-site evaluation with a landscape manager to discuss any final modifications that may be necessary to guarantee that you are 100% satisfied. Landscape maintenance solutions include periodic on-site audits and reviews.