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A landscape should be visually impressive; however, first and foremost, a landscape must serve the needs of the homeowner, you. Our goal is to ensure that we meet both of these ideals for you. Design is paramount when creating a new or renovating an existing landscape. Proper design consists of several elements: purpose, simplicity, unity, repetition, balance, flow or movement, focal points and harmony. We give attention to these principles, as well as many more, when developing your landscape solution. Detailed analysis of the landscape site and first consideration to your needs and preferences are thoroughly exhausted before the cornerstone of your landscape is put into place. Turnkey solutions include a free initial consultation and conceptual CAD and/or accredited architect plans. We follow our Seven Steps To A Successful Solution to ensure that your landscape project is perfect. Dedicated to providing you with a professional, efficient and minimally intrusive installation, we employ experienced personnel that are committed to achieving excellence. Our staff is certified and field trained. They have dependable equipment and possess all requisite certifications and licenses.
We are confident in the service we provide and back it with a solid workmanship warranty.
Landscape Constructions Services
  • outdoor living spaces
  • firepits, fireplaces
  • outdoor kitchens
  • LED low voltage lighting
  • water features, creeks, ponds, fountains
  • retaining walls, privacy screens, green walls
  • rockwork, brickwork, pavers
  • patios, walkways, driveways
  • wood structures: decks, pergolas, arbors, fences
  • soil: import, preparation, amending, grading
  • turf installation: seed, sod, hydroseed
  • trees, shrubs, flowers, ground cover
  • edible plants
  • prep & installation
  • automated irrigation systems
  • irrigation repair
  • weather stations, water saving technology

7 Steps to a Successful Solution

A successful solution begins with listening and ends with delivering. Take a look at our Seven Steps to a successful solution:
  • A solution begins with a consultation, and that consultation begins with listening to you.
  • Plans may be simple or complex, depending on job requirements.
  • Present a formal proposal for your review. We wish to submit a proposal in person, however, if preferred, we will fax, email or mail a proposal.
  • Pledge to honor our promises with a written Landscape agreement.
  • Review the project solution and perform an on-site evaluation. A landscape professional and you will perform an on-site plan assessment to ensure everyone has an identical understanding of the solution.
  • Review the project solution and perform an on-site evaluation. A landscape professional and you will perform an on-site plan assessment to ensure everyone has an identical understanding of the solution.
  • Deliver a landscape solution that exceeds your expectations for artisanship, excellence and value.

Landscape Constructions FAQ’s

Going through the process of a new outdoor space can be daunting. We are here to help! We have compiled some of the common problems and questions below about residential landscape installations. Be sure to also read our blog for news, tips, tricks, and inspiration, and as always contact us anytime with your questions.
How Does My Landscape Affect My Home Value?
Landscaping is more than just looking pretty. It’s actually an investment in your property. Check out this article below. Positioning Family Real Estate Ownership for future results
How do I choose a landscape designer?
Factors to consider when hiring a landscape designer include education, experience, creativity and compatibility. During an initial consultation be sure to ask what level of formal training the we have and request to view samples of our work. Equally important is finding a designer whose style and personality are a good fit for your project. Landscape design is a collaborative process, so trust and confidence are vital to a successful partnership.
If you design my landscape, how will I maintain and care for it?
In addition to design and installation projects we provide full service residential landscape maintenance plans as well as full service residential lawn care plans.
What can I expect to spend landscaping my entire property?
Assuming your asking for all key components, hardscape, fencing, drainage, irrigation, lighting, plant material, etc., a realistic range is 10%-15% of your home’s value. This can be higher or lower based on site conditions, access, plant selection, etc.
We are considering a pond with our new landscape design project. How much maintenance do they require?
There is some maintenance required with a pond. In the spring your pond will require opening, cleaning and periodic filter maintenance. In the fall it is recommended that you cover the pond with netting and put a heater in the pond. These services can all be done by Green Acres. Please contact us for more information.

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