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A flourishing lawn adds functionality and beauty to your landscape and it adds value to your home. Green Acres Landscape offers lawn care solutions that ensure you will have a plush, beautiful and green lawn.

We accomplish this by applying the proper water, nutrients and disease control applications in the right amounts at the right time, and mowing on schedule at the proper grass height. Every lawn is unique and requires a customized lawn care program. We evaluate every aspect before determining what turf management solution is best for your lawn.

Your lawn care solution will consist of a detailed, scheduled plan for maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn. It must meet your approval. Our maintenance staff is certified and field trained. They have dependable equipment and possess all requisite certifications and licenses. We follow our Seven Steps To A Successful Solution to ensure that your lawn is healthy and exhibits the characteristics you favor.

Proper lawn care produces dramatic results in the health and attractiveness of a lawn. We employ the principles of plant horticulture, safe handling of fertilizers and pesticides, efficient operation of mowing and mulching equipment, water conservation, and the recycling of lawn waste. We offer a broad range of services so we can meet the lawn care needs of small and large residential properties.

We are confident in the service we provide and back it
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Lawn Care Services
  • on-site consultation, analysis & proposal
  • mowing
  • edging
  • debris removal
  • fertilizer programs
  • weed control programs
  • insect & disease control programs
  • soil evaluation & amendment solutions
  • core aeration
  • slit seeding
  • lawn damage repair

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Spend more time in your own beautifully built and thoughtfully maintained outdoor living area.

Lawn Care FAQ’s

Maintaining a lush landscape can be daunting. We are here to help! We have compiled some of the common problems and questions below about residential lawn care. Be sure to also read our blog for news, tips, tricks, and inspiration, and as always contact us anytime with your questions.

What does it mean to properly mow a lawn?
We mow lawns at the appropriate height to keep a neat appearance.
We use the appropriate mowing equipment to provide a high quality cut and minimize the occurrence of scalping due to uneven terrain.
What do you do with all the clippings?
We will collect excessive clippings and remove them from your property at the end of each visit. We will use a bagging attachment when applicable.
Where should you trim around your lawn?
We will trim around permanent fixtures in turf areas with weed-eaters to avoid unsightly growth at the base. Our staff will be cautious and particular at at all times when operating around fixtures to prevent damage to the fixtures.
What is the proper way to edge my lawn?
We will edge and trim along curbs, walks, beds and tree wells to provide a neat appearance.
We will mechanically edge all hard edges once per month during the growing season. We will treat mow strips once a month with a non-selective herbicide as needed.
We will treat turf along curbs and sidewalks that cannot be addressed with routine edging operations due to broken curbs or uneven borders chemically, if applicable; otherwise, manually with a spade.
We will work constructively with you to realize a solution if vehicle obstructions prevent edging during regular visits.
Should I be careful about using fertilizers?
Yes. We will apply well-balanced fertilizers to maintain a healthy lawn and green color.
Do you treat for insects and disease too?
Yes. We will treat for insect and disease control as necessary.
Where does all the leftover trash and debris go?
We will clean curbs, sidewalks and parking areas with a mechanical blower and/or broom to maintain a neat appearance.
We will remove heavy accumulations of sand, gravel and leaves with a shovel and broom if a blower will not provide satisfactory results.
We will remove trash and debris from the property.

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Residential Lawn Care
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