Ten Landscaping Ideas to Upgrade your Outdoor Space

Make the most of 2019 by improving your property’s landscaping. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, improve the overall appearance of your outdoor space with these ten outdoor projects to revamp your lawn!

Laying new pavers.

No matter how many plants and flowers you add to your yard, a beautifully designed paving project will make your property really stand out. With so many materials and design options available, you don’t have to worry about finding something which works with your home.

Constructing a greenhouse.

A greenhouse allows you to start seeds earlier and can significantly extend your growing season. Besides being a great way to grow cold-weather tolerant plants throughout the year, greenhouses adds a pleasant additional indoor space to your home and increase your property’s value.

Creating a low-maintenance landscape.

Going green is ever more popular these days. Why not convert your water-hungry and demanding landscape into something which doesn’t require as much upkeep? Consider planting more drought-resistant succulents or native plants which thrive in your location.  

Upgrading your flower beds.

Make your flower beds really stand out this year by constructing a beautiful border out of stone or wood. Don’t forget about extending your existing flower beds to allow you to grow even more!

Redefine the edging on your lawn.

A strong edging is wonderful at clearly dividing different activities in your yard, and in addition to providing a visual separation, edging can help keep mulch or topsoil where it belongs.

Adding a water feature.

Have you ever thought about adding a fountain or a waterfall to your lawn as an outdoor focal point?  Besides greatly enhancing the appearance of your home, water features provide a soothing and relaxing backdrop to any social activity.

Installing a fire feature.

What is better than a water feature? Give up? A fire feature! Today you can choose from a wide selection of outdoor fireplace and firepits. Select whether you want the convenience of a gas fire or the full experience which comes from a wood-burning fire.

Planting new trees.

The right tree can go a long way in creating the ideal look for your yard. Whether you long for the perfect shade trees to string your hammock between, or are looking forward to an edible bounty from fruit or nut trees, the sooner you plant trees, the sooner you benefit from your investment.

Lay down in-ground irrigation.

Make maintaining your lawn and garden a breeze by installing an in-ground irrigation system. With a new irrigation system, you won’t ever have to worry about having enough time to water your lawn. Try an automated system for real set-it-and-forget-it lawn care.

Improve the drainage on your property.

Standing water can not only damage your home, but it can be devastating for your plants and flowers. Consider leveling your yard, adding rain barrels to your downspouts or installing a French drain.

Do you have your own landscaping idea for 2019? Turn your idea into reality with the assistance of a professional landscaping company. Green Acres Landscape in Salem, Oregon has been helping people enjoy their outdoor spaces for decades. Give them a call at 503-399-8066 to learn what they can do for you. Book your appointment this winter for the fastest available service time.

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