Irrigation is something that many people install to help their gardens grow for food or simply the joy of gardening. There are a few different things about irrigation that anyone with an existing system or considering putting a system together should know. There are a few basics that everyone should know that will help them to better understand irrigation as a whole.

The Basics

1. Multiple Types of Irrigation

There are multiple types of irrigation. Although we may all assume that irrigation is simply putting hoses and pipes under the ground that pop up and water from time to time, there are in fact several different types of irrigation. Sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, irrigation canals, and underground irrigation are all a few different types. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks and each has a specific area that it is better suited to.

2. Irrigation Laws Exist

Some states have irrigation laws- in some states, those states that are rather dry, there are irrigation laws. Some states do not allow for the irrigation of personal property like lawns and gardens in times of drought while other states allow you to water whenever you want. There are also some laws about the collection of rain water for irrigation and watering purposes.

3. It Is Important To Maintain Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems need regular maintenance- It is important that you maintain your irrigation system after it is installed. You need to regularly check your hoses and piping to make sure that they have not lost any integrity, you need to make sure pumps and water access are working well, and you also need to do regular backflow tests to make sure that the outside water that may have contaminants in it is not washing back into your drinking water.

4. Professional Installation Is Encouraged

Most noteworthy, not everyone can install an irrigation system properly. Although we live in an age of do it yourself, there are some major drawbacks to installing an irrigation system yourself. You can run into major issues when it comes to installing an irrigation system. Keep in mind, it is always better to have a professional help you install your irrigation system so it is done correctly.

5. Replacements Might Be In Order

Irrigation systems may need regular replacement. Above ground sprinklers can become damaged easily and as a result, you may need to routinely replace them to keep them working properly. While these systems do not use a huge amount of water, can end up wasting water if they are not working properly. That being said, you should keep track of how your system is performing and replace as necessary.

Benefits of Irrigation

Irrigation is a great way to keep your lawn and garden looking great all season long. Also, irrigation helps to keep crops flourishing during times of less than the perfect amount of water. However, not all crops are perfect for irrigation. If you think you may benefit from an irrigation system, it may be beneficial to talk to the professionals. Lawn professionals will be able to tell you what type of system might work best for you and if you really need irrigation. With the right company, your system can be easily installed to make all your plants perfect.

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