For many, the lawn is a great way to increase curb appeal. It can also make a great place to play or relax, and is an important extension of the home. That being said, summer is just as important when it comes to the proper fertilizer as winter is and there are a few different reasons why.

What is Summer Fertilizer?

Fertilizer that is typically used in the summer months is focused not on the root growth but on helping the lawn to retain water, to keep their deeper roots, and to control weeds that are common in the summer months. During the summer the growth cycle of your lawn is going to be disrupted by dry spells, spans of great rainfall, bugs, weeds, and much more. It is important that you buy a fertilizer that helps to address all these issues and more to give you the most lush lawn you can imagine.

Most summer fertilizers are going to have properties that help the grass to retain water, to grow deeper roots, to resist drought, to resist weeds, and even to resist insects. These are going to be all purpose fertilizers in some ways and are going to be perfect for those that want a lawn that is free of the great deal of issues that come with the heat of summer.

Why Fertilize During the Summer Months

We have all heard that it is important to fertilize during the fall to help the grass grow deeper roots and to strengthen over the winter months. Fertilizing during the summer is just as important. Fertilizers that are geared toward the summer months are going to be helpful in building and keeping your grass looking great. They may also have turf builder properties that help to increase the amount of grass that you have and help to make it healthier as well.

Summer fertilizers are also going to help fortify your lawn in the case of a drought or weather that may be less than suitable for the growth of new grass. These fertilizers may also be slow release to help keep your grass healthy and fed even during months when there is less than one inch of water per week. This type of fertilizer is going to help strengthen your warm season grasses so that they can handle more of the curve ball weather changes that come with summer in whatever area you live in.

How Do You Know Your Grass Needs Fertilizer?

There are a few different ways to know your grass needs to be fertilized during the summer. The first is the obvious bare patches. If your lawn looks like it is balding, you likely need to add some fertilizer or grass seed to help take care of spots. Another great indicator is that your grass grows very slow. You should need to mow your law at least once a week.

Another indicator to look for is a lawn that has a great deal of weeds. This means the weeds have choked out healthy grass and therefore your lawn needs some care to get back into shape. Lastly, if your lawn is not as green or thick as you would like, fertilizer is certainly the way to get the lawn you want.

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