Are you thinking about adding a new furry friend to your family? If so, then you’ve probably read up on all the breed guides and potty training tips to help get your new puppy into a routine. Having a backyard that’s “puppy ready” is essential to having a happy and physically active dog. Here are some ways that the lawn experts from Green Acres Landscape can get your yard ready for four new paws.

Ready the Lawn 

The outdoors is where your furry baby will be spending a lot of their time, either playing or relieving themselves. Make sure they have plenty of space that’s comfortable for them to do their business. If you have patches or a weedy lawn, consider having a residential lawn care company take care of those pesky weeds and plant new grass. These experts can also help determine which kind of grass is better for the soil around your home.

If you’re adopting in the winter, you can still designate an area of your lawn that’s close to the house where your puppy can relieve himself. When the weather warms up, a lawn care company should be your first call to get the rest of your yard ready for a lot of playtime, as well as repair the section that’s been used as a bathroom all winter long. 

Remove Trash 

Trash or debris that has collected in your yard will certainly attract the attention of your puppy while he’s exploring his new landscape. Before you bring a young dog home, remove trash, plastic bags, and sharp objects that can cause injury or are small enough to be swallowed. Your puppy will be very curious, so removing these objects from his area will eliminate the chances of him getting himself into trouble. If you keep the garbage can or garden hose nearby, make sure these are secure so that your little one can’t knock them over or chew on something they shouldn’t. 

Eliminate Poisonous Plants

A residential lawn care team can help you identify any poisonous or deadly plants that you might have in your landscape that could cause harm to your new puppy. Having these bushes or plants pruned or removed altogether will help keep your dog safe. These types of plants include poison ivy, poison oak, daffodils, azaleas, and begonias. With these properly removed, you can rest assured that Fido will remain happy and healthy as he roams around his new home.

Having taken the proper steps to prepare your lawn for a new puppy, you can rest easy knowing that you’re providing a safe environment for them to explore. Not every move of your dog can be monitored but, with the help of the team at Green Acres Landscape, your dog will be less likely to get into trouble. We take care of residential and commercial lawns throughout Salem, OR. If you’re ready to get your lawn ready for winter or a new addition, give us a call today at (503) 399-8066.

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