Have you ever wondered what project you can do during the winter months to help your yard or garden be better than last year? Fall and Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be dark, gloomy, and most of all wet. These things can make most of us want to stay indoors where it is warm and dry, but there are some things that can be done during these months that can help with your lawn and garden needs. We will talk about a few things for those who are willing to put on their rain jacket, rubber boots and gloves to make their lives easier when Spring arrives.

Pruning, Organization, and Lawn care during the Winter months can make your life and your yards life better when the weather gets nicer outside.


Towards the later part of Winter is the perfect time to perform deep pruning to trees or shrubs. After leaves have completely fallen from your trees you will have the opportunity to see what the overall health of your trees are and if there are any areas that need attention. Once you have assessed your trees you can start by removing any dead or diseased branches. The next step after removing the unwanted branches is to look at how you want to shape the healthy branches. If you are wanting to encourage better growth of your tree then you should look at thinning out any overgrown areas and trimming the smaller branches that may be blocking airflow. Pruning should be done when the temperature is a little warmer and the forecast does not show any rain or snow soon. As for early year flowering bushes, you can hold off pruning until later in the Spring once the flowers appear.


Have you ever walked into your garden and said to yourself, “I wish I would have planted this plant here or that I should have made more room for the corn?” Well if you did then you could start in the Winter months by organizing and planning your garden for the next year. You can accomplish this by drawing a diagram of your current landscaping and then head inside your house to plan your next garden or backyard project. Spend time researching in books, on the internet, or even talking with friends about their gardening experiences. You can draw your new plan once you have chosen your plants and the areas you want to plant them in. This is when you can go outside and remove old plants, garden boxes, and start a new composting area. This will allow you to feel confident in your decisions of what to remove and start getting a picture in your head of what your future garden will look like.


Your neighbors that have lush green grass in the Spring are either taking care of their lawn properly or they have someone doing it for them. You can have that same lush green grass and it all starts by removing any debris or lawn decorations from your grass over the winter; these items can cause brown spots appear in your lawn. Now that you have cleared your lawn you will need to take a rake and roughly rake it to open up the ground for the upcoming seeding. Now that is done you will want to assess your lawn for any depressions and fill them with a new layer of topsoil and add fresh seed to your entire yard. Applying fertilizer and humus on top of your yard will aid in growth and protect your seeds from animals. Lastly, if your lawn is plagued with crabgrass then applying pre-emergent in late winter might help with your problem.

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