Have you thought about your irrigation system during the winter months or what you need to do to properly get your system running in the Spring? A properly maintained irrigation system will help bring back your spring plants; blooming flowers, budding trees, and growing grass are all signs that the warmer weather is either coming or has already arrived. If this is happening, you may want to start getting your irrigation system ready. Here are a few steps that should be done to guarantee efficient water flow and energy bills.

Do a Systems Check

Before you turn on your water you should check your entire system to ensure all the valves, pipes, drip emitters, and hose lines are intact. Inspect valves and repair if any leaks are found. Replace any damaged sprinkler tops that make have cracked or been hit by lawn mower. If you cannot find all of your sprinkler heads they may be buried, trapped by lawn overgrowth, or by soil that was moved during the winter.


After finding every sprinkler, you should clear any obstructions that may have clogged the sprinkler or plants that have blocked the spray path. Sand and dirt can get trapped under the nozzles and spray heads creating potential blockages. These blockages can cause improper water dispersion and causing possible flooding in other areas in your yard. Performing maintenance of each spray head will alleviate possible problems with your system.

Perform a Water Test

Your first sprinkler test should be completed slowly, this will ensure that your water pressure is correct and give you time to inspect lines for any leaks. If pressure is too high, it can lead to pipes bursting and yards being flooded. During this initial test, each zone should be ran independently to catch potentially broken sprinklers or leaks. Any issues should be repaired right away and well before you run your system consistently this spring.

If you do not want to complete any of these steps you can contact Green Acres Landscape at 503-399-8066 or www.greenacreslandscapeinc.com to schedule to have an Irrigation Specialist complete this for you. If you do not want to worry about your irrigation system at all; we offer Irrigation Service Subscriptions that include Spring system turn-ons, Spring/Summer adjustments, System turn-offs with winterization, and the required Annual Backflow Tests. Subscribers also get priority scheduling, discounted labor rates, as well as discounts at GA At Home.

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