Keeping your lawn perfectly trimmed and your landscaping expertly manicured can add significant value to your home. It’s also the first thing that neighbors and guests notice when they view your home. Yet, constant weeding and mowing can be a full-time job and you don’t always the time or energy. At Green Acres Landscape, we understand you’d rather be doing other things than mowing the lawn or pulling weeds, and here are a few more reasons we suggest you hire a professional landscaper.

1. Proper Care

When you leave the care of your lawn and flower beds in the hands of professionals, you get a perfectly manicured lawn every time. Professional landscapers understand how to care for different grasses, flowers, and trees, giving them an upper hand over the average homeowner. They also have an eye for design, and can select flowers and bushes for your beds that will draw attention, giving you a front yard you can be proud of and a backyard that becomes a mini oasis. They’ll also be able to maximize existing materials, such as landscaping bricks and trim, and repurpose them into a new design.

2. They Stick to Your Budget

Landscaping the lawn yourself can be exhausting. Plus, you run the risk of overspending on bushes and plants that either won’t come back the next year or won’t take well to the type of soil around your home. With a professional landscaper, you can rest assured that they will stick to the budget you’ve set for their services. They can make expert suggestions on the types of flowers and bushes you should plant, and what kinds of trimming services are available. After consulting with our pros, you’ll have a detailed estimate of the proposed services, and understand fully what can be done within your budget.

3. Proper Project Planning

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard or decorate around a new inground pool, hire a professional landscaper to guide you through project planning. With an expert team of designers, you will get the best end result. Landscapers know exactly what needs to be done to prepare the area and excavate dirt, and what materials to use for your hardscape areas. They will be able to plan around different sloping areas of your lawn, and can identify areas that may require extra drainage. They also have access to heavier machinery and tools to get the job done neatly and efficiently, leaving you with the landscaping design you envisioned.

4. Make Necessary Improvements

With professional eyes on your lawn, you’ll get expert guidance in additional areas such as irrigation and drainage. If you have an irrigation system in place, it could be costing you money if it has been poorly managed or is leaking. Expert landscapers can identify problems and make suggested maintenance changes to your system that will save you money on your water bill. In addition, a leak-free irrigation system won’t overwater your vegetation, which can also save you from having to replace dead sod or plants.

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