Pumpkin patches, scary movies, and apple cider? Oh my! Halloween must be right around the corner. Check out these DIY Halloween decoration tips to make your house ready for spooky season.

  1. Cobwebs: These can be purchased or made at home in a few easy steps. Ripped-up cheesecloth with plastic spiders mixed in will look perfectly spooky. 
  2. Bats: You will need black construction paper. Print and cut out an outline of a bat and create cut-outs using the paper. From far away, your neighbors will be urging you to call an exterminator.
  3. Spooky Eyes: You will need a paper towel or toilet paper rolls and glow sticks. Cut paper towel roll in half. Cut out eye designs and put glow sticks inside—place in bushes for a scary effect.
  4. Ghosts: White sheets make perfect ghost costumes and ghost decorations. To make them float, purchase a few balloons from the store and place the sheet over them. Draw eyes with a marker to look extra ghostly. 
  5. Pumpkins: Finally, carved pumpkins are a classic Halloween decoration to finish out your spooky season. You can purchase pumpkins from Green Acres Nursery. If carving is not for you, don’t be afraid to get creative with paint or markers. 

Whether you like to keep it family-friendly or try to terrify the neighborhood, there are many options for Halloween decorations this season…so get crafty. Remember Green Acres Landscape for pumpkins and gourds or GA at Home when you’re looking for cute, creative, and seasonal decor.

Remember that Trunk or Treat will be at Green Acres on Oct. 31 from 5-8 pm

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