It’s never too early to think about preparing your lawn for the spring and, if you’re looking to be the envy of the neighborhood, there are several steps you can take to get that perfect lush green lawn once the cold weather is gone. Here are five tips from the lawn care experts at Green Acres Landscape.

1. Inspect For & Treat Snow Mold

Snow mold can be difficult to treat and get rid of, which is why you should be on the lookout for it now. Once all of the snow has melted, inspect your lawn for grey or pink fuzzy patches. Gray snow mold is the most common and the easiest to get rid of, whereas pink snow mold is more severe since it kills the crown and roots of each grass blade. In either case, it’s important to rake these patches as soon as possible to kill off the mold spores so you can replant or regrow the blades.

2. Weed

If your flowerbeds lacked mulch and other flowering plants during the winter, it’s likely that you’ll have some unwanted weeds to get rid of. You may also find them throughout your yard, or sprouting up along the edges of the driveway. Treat these sooner rather than later so you can start with a clean slate. You’ll want to ensure that they are completely gone so they don’t sprout up again before you plant your spring flowers.

3. Rake

Raking your lawn just before spring allows you to get rid of those last remaining fall leaves and dead grass blades. At this time, break up any dirt clumps so that new grass can grow on a nice, smooth surface. For best results, use a spring-tine rake and rake only when the ground isn’t wet or muddy. Raking over wet or soft ground has the potential to pull up healthy grass blades.

4. Aerate

Aerating your lawn requires special equipment, and if you’re not looking to buy a lawnmower attachment or walk-behind, then let us help! Aerating your lawn (by punching small holes into the turf) helps remedy compacted soil and is the ultimate secret to the lush, green lawn you want every year. These small holes allow nutrients, air, and water to penetrate below the surface and feed the roots of your grass. You’ll find that the roots of your grass grow deeper, and the blades are much stronger with each season you aerate.

5. Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn is also essential for its overall health and growth. If you notice your lawn beginning to turn green, apply fertilizer no later than three weeks after this point in time. But don’t apply too early or you risk feeding the weeds, which can choke your grass. Applying fertilizer too early can also cause lush blades to grow before the roots have begun their spring growth spurt. If need be, rely on our expertise to determine the right time for fertilizer this spring.

Whether you’re looking for residential lawn care or commercial mowing, our team at Green Acres Landscape will provide the best customer service every time. Our trained lawn care professionals take pride in their work and know how important it is for your lawn to look it’s best. If you’re in the Salem, OR, area and want to begin your lawn care schedule for the year or to take advantage of our spring preparations, contact us today at (503) 399-8066.

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