Winters in Oregon can be cold, wet, and dreary. While most of your outdoor landscaping may not stay green or bloom during these months, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy foliage all year round. Placing different houseplants in several rooms in your home has several advantages, but choosing the right ones can be tricky. The landscaping experts at Green Acres Landscape know exactly which plants you should keep indoors, and here are several of our favorites.

For Dry Rooms


If the air in your home tends to get dry during the cooler months, try arranging succulents throughout your house to help control the moisture. These little plants come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can easily mix and match to create unique arrangements. They love the winter and require very little watering, especially if you keep them near windows.


Aloe is the perfect little plant for your home office or bedroom during winter. Not only does it store water in its sculptural leaves, but it also helps maintain comfortable humidity levels. Make sure you check on this plant though, as it won’t give you any visual cues that it’s parched. Set it near the window for plenty of sunlight and check the soil so you know when it’s time to water.

For Drafty Rooms


This little gem of a plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors in your landscaping beds. It features a trumpet-shaped blossom that comes in a variety of colors. So, if you’re looking for a plant to put in a drafty room but want additional color, then pot one of these and watch it grow. The foliage on this plant lasts all year and it can tolerate the dry air in your home.

Jade Plant

The jade plant grows fleshy, green leaves with woody stocks, and it ages gracefully. As it grows, it takes on the shape of a miniature tree and can tolerate either warm or cold temperatures, which means you can stick this plant in any room of your home without worry. Jade loves a lot of natural light and grainy soils, so you can go days without watering it.

For Low Light Rooms

Zamioculcus Zammiifolia

The ZZ plant is perfect for your low light bedroom or living room. In order to keep this plant happy and thriving, keep the soil dry and water only occasionally. This low maintenance feature makes the ZZ plant perfect for busy individuals. Just be careful, as the oils from this plant are toxic to both humans and animals.

Staghorn Fern

The staghorn fern loves high humidity and low light environments. This plant is the perfect addition to your bathroom décor or in a room that doesn’t see much sunlight in the winter. In its natural environment, this plant grows inside trees and without soil, so it works well as a hanging decoration in the shower or on the wall.

Incorporating house plants in your home’s décor is a great way to bring some of your landscaping indoors. Some of our favorite houseplants can even thrive outside in your landscaping during the spring and summer. For residents in Salem, OR, the team at Green Acres Landscape can help prepare your plants to spend a couple of winter months indoors. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (503) 399-8066.

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