The last remaining days of summer are over and autumn has finally arrived. The weather is getting cooler; leaves are beginning to change and your favorite fall holidays are close at hand. This year, celebrate the magic of the season by updating your front porch fall decor with these seven inexpensive, yet beautiful designs.

Unique Autumn Decorating Ideas For Your Front Porch

1. Autumn Wreaths

Winter wreaths adorn the front doors of most homes during the Christmas holidays why not during the autumn as well? A fall appropriate wreath is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home. Pick your favorite style of wreath from simple woven vines to complex creations. You can find a huge selection online, but don’t forget crafting a fall wreath with your family is a meaningful project you will treasure for years.

2. Pillows and Throw Rugs

It is amazing how a few deliberately chosen accessories can give a unique look to the front of your home. Get inspired by the season and add a few comfortable pillows and an outdoor rug or two in a variety of fall colors. Shades of oranges, deep reds, dark blues and black will all look perfect on your porch.

3. The Fall Harvest

It is traditional to display carved pumpkins during Halloween, but why wait until October to decorate? Don’t be afraid to expand your display by adding all kinds of gourds, decorative corns, dried stalks of grain, and even a hay bale or two. Think outside of the box and try painting your pumpkins or using a wicker pumpkin instead.

4. Antiques

Not only do antique buckets, wagons, and farming tools look lovely, they connect us to the country’s farming heritage. If you do not have any older tools getting rusty in the back of your garage, you can often pick them up inexpensively at a thrift store or at a swap meet in your area. While you are shopping, why not pick up a few more things which are farm-related?

5. A Leaf Garland

Who doesn’t love the bright colors of autumn leaves? Make a garland of the most beautiful leaves you can find and hang it above your door. If you can’t find suitable leaves where you live, try ordering faux leaves from a craft store. You can add a bit of sparkle to your porch at night by stringing a strand of white Christmas lights from the ceiling of your porch and then wrapping a leaf garland around it.

6. Pops of Color with Flowers

Just because summer is over, you don’t have to live without flowers. Mums are hardy enough to thrive in cooler fall weather. Don’t like mums? Dried flowers make a lovely addition to any autumn front porch display. Fill an orchard baskets with long-stemmed flowers or create a multi-tier arrangement by using containers of various sizes.

7. A Scarecrow

You can create a whimsical mood by adding a scarecrow to your front porch display. Choose whether you want to build a traditional scarecrow by stuffing old clothing with straw or purchase a ready-to-display scarecrow online. Make sure your younger children won’t be scared by a scarecrow on your porch before investing any time or money.

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