Are you looking for a great career?  Consider landscaping.  Professional Careers PART 1

No matter your area of interest, you can apply it in the landscaping industry.

We’re sure very few students start their school careers with the vision of being in the landscape industry.  It doesn’t have the same draw as “sports blogger” or “firefighter,” however you can use almost any of your talents and apply them to landscaping.  Here are some thoughts.

If you are pursuing a college degree, there are many scholarships available in the field (check out Scholarships ( and many schools that offer landscaping-related degree programs.

The Landscape Industry website shares these professional careers:

Agronomy – the study of soil and soil management

Environmental Horticulture – the study of improving the environment through effective landscape stewardship

Horticulture and Horticulture Technology – the study of the science, technology, and business of growing plants

Landscape Contracting – the study of constructing, installing, and maintaining landscapes

Landscape Design/Build – the study of horticulture, nursery and planting standards, site engineering methods, and design principles.

Landscape Management or Landscape Maintenance – the study of disciplines necessary to manage residential and commercial landscape properties (including plant science, design, and business management)

Turfgrass Science – the study of ecological and sustainable ways to manage large areas of turf/grass.

Of course, landscaping companies need everything that any business would require, such as accounting, human resources, social media, community relations, sales, and marketing. So if you like the industry, you can apply your business skills in this way.

How much can you earn in the field?  While salaries vary depending upon region, check out the median salary chart here.

Where do you start?  We recommend visiting a few landscaping companies like Green Acres and trying out some summer work.  Get to know the industry from the bottom up and find out what inspires you.

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