Is it Bad if You Pressure Wash in the Cold?

Maintaining your lawn and preparing your hardscapes for the colder months is a vital part of ensuring that it remains healthy throughout the winter. In addition to removing leaves and other debris, cleaning your gutters and blowing the surfaces clean, pressure washing is another method of maintenance.

The winter time might seem like a good time to pressure wash your hardscape areas after winterizing your lawn and other outdoor areas. By doing so in the winter, you won’t have to worry about those areas being covered in debris or distracting from the beauty of your spring plantings.


It’s important though, to be aware of when it could be too cold to pressure wash. Here are five ways to tell when it’s too cold to pressure wash:

1. Temperatures are below 40 degrees

Daytime temperatures that are below 40 degrees pose challenges. Any residual water could freeze overnight if the temperatures dip too low. The ideal temperature for pressure washing though is 50 degrees and above.


2. It’s cold and windy

With the cold often comes the wind as well. Not only does the wind make the temperature feel even colder because of the wind chill, but it can also blow water into areas that you don’t want it to be. Pressure washing during windy weather can mean that you’ll get wet even if you’re careful.


3. There’s frost on the ground

Another sign that it’s probably too cold to pressure wash is if there is a thin sheet of ice on top of puddles. When it’s cold enough for frost or the formation of ice, the water from pressure washing is more likely to freeze in places that you didn’t plan on it doing so. You won’t be able to remove the ice without additional effort.


4. It’s not getting the job done

If you have to contend with freezing water and blowing winds, chances are the effort that you put into pressure washing isn’t going to reap the benefits you desire. An effective pressure washing session relies on using the force of the water to blast away debris while leaving very little evidence behind.


5. You’re suiting up for freezing weather

If you find yourself pulling on your winter boots, snow pants, and a thick coat before you go outside to pressure wash, you might also regret it before you’ve finished the job. Add this to the fact that any excess water is probably going to freeze and pose a safety hazard and you might wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea.


While pressure washing rids your hardscapes of any accumulated debris and leaves them clean for the winter, doing this chore yourself could do even more than compromise your comfort. It can also increase your chances of slipping and falling. Instead, consider hiring the professionals at Green Acres Landscape provides you with top-notch services while you watch from the warmth of your home. Contact them today to request a free estimate.

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