It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can take a break from landscaping. Proper winter lawn care is the first step to having a healthy and attractive yard this coming spring. Due to the unusually frigid temperatures this year, caring for your lawn now is more important than ever. But the good news is that caring for your yard during the winter months is not as difficult as you may imagine.

Winter Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful Yard

Good winter lawn care starts in the late fall. First, you need to ensure that your lawn is free from any debris before the weather turns for the worst. Even organic debris like leaves and sticks can kill or damage your grass. Besides cleaning up your yard, you can help to make sure the roots of your grass get plenty of oxygen, water and other resources they need to stay healthy by aerating your lawn.

This is also the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. There are several brands of fertilizers which are specifically formulated for a fall application.

Overseeding Helps

This is also the last opportunity for homeowners to overseed with a cold-resistant grass, like ryegrass. This will can help your lawn remain a vibrant green throughout during the winter, but is not critical for a healthy warm-weather lawn.

Fading Colors Does Not Mean Fading Lawn Health

Once everyday cooler weather sets in, you shouldn’t worry if your lawn’s beautiful green color suddenly fades. This probably means your grass is a warm-weather variety and is becoming dormant to survive the colder winter months. This is natural and your lawn will return to a vibrant green as soon as the weather warms up. Meanwhile, you can use this time of the year to identify and easily spot-treat the bright green weeds with an herbicide.

Continue to Mow

Although the growth of your grass will slow down or stop completely during the winter, continue to mow your lawn. When you mow your lawn in the winter, you should always use a bag attachment and trim your grass a quarter of an inch or so shorter than during the warmer months. This is a great way to get rid of hardy weeds and to collect and dispose of their seeds to prevent your lawn from being overgrown in the spring.

It is very important to note that you should try to remain off the grass during the winter, especially if it freezes. Walking on frozen grass can leave lasting brown footprints which will take months to disappear Homeowners should also avoid using rock salt and other deicers on or near their lawns unless they are safe for grass.

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