Have a Commercial Property? Check out these tips!

Unlike designing for residential property, commercial landscape designs require hardier varieties of flowers and plants which can thrive with less pampering and even in adverse conditions. Think about incorporating a few of these sturdy, yet beautiful flowers into your commercial landscape this spring.

Great Flower Planting Tips For Commercial Landscapes

  • Plant flowers in containers around the entrances to your building. Utilizing containers for flowers not only makes it easier to care for them, raising your flowers off the ground protects them from being trampled by people or torn up by animals. Containers allow the soil to retain moisture for an extended period of time, reducing the need for frequent watering.
  • Choose bright flowers to highlight your company’s signage. Plant flowers which will draw extra attention to your sign, but won’t grow tall enough to make it difficult to read. Consider planting taller flowers on either side of your sign for a real impact.
  • Avoid planting flowers directly alongside walkways. A flower-lined path may give your business a homey feeling, but it can quickly turn into a muddy mess. Always use a border on the side of walkways to help keep them free of dirt and mud. Be sure to plant flowers on the other side of the border.

Five Flowers Which Are Great For Commercial Properties

  • Daffodils. There is nothing which announces spring has arrived more pronouncedly than the bright and cheerful daffodil. These flowers may look fragile, they are resilient enough to stand up to less than ideal growing conditions. Besides the traditional yellow, they are available in many varieties.
  • Pansies. Pansies may be small, but they make a huge impression when you plant them in containers. They do well in direct sunlight but can survive cool overnight temperatures just fine. Create a floral rainbow by choosing a selection of pink, purple, white, orange, and yellow pansies.
  • Primroses. Primroses are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and they make a lovely addition to any garden. There are hundreds of varieties of primroses by some of the most common ones are the Common Evening Primrose with its bright yellow bowls and intriguing Orchid Primrose with its purple and red spear-shaped flowers.
  • Impatiens. These flowers are a fantastic choice for shady areas. They will survive in partial and even heavy shade and come in several colors to match the rest of your garden. They grow quickly in either containers or well-drained soil and make the perfect ground cover to fill in larger flower beds.
  • Marigolds. Marigolds are among the hardiest of flowers, and they can survive in both direct sunlight and poor soil. You may think all marigolds resemble tight balls of deep-orange, there are other types like Super Hero Spry and Durango Flame which have impressive blooms.

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