For over two decades, Green Acres Landscape has been offering first-class landscape design, installation, and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in the Salem area. Over the years, the business has earned an outstanding reputation based on its passion for creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces along with its friendly customer service and exceptional value. In keeping with the company’s core values of sustainability and community, Green Acres Landscaping exclusively utilizes Earth-friendly landscaping practices and offers its employees a safe, positive, and respectful working environment.

Green Acres Landscape truly believes in the power of green spaces. They are not only beautiful to look at but are a critical component for helping all of us to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing. Based on that belief, the company decided to extend its commitment to residents by opening a retail location. This landscaping center will enable the company to fill a real need in the Salem community by providing a complete DIY solution. And just like the company’s landscaping service, customers can expect a warm and customer-centric experience. 

At Green Acres Landscape retail location, shoppers will find everything they need to help create the outdoor living spaces of their dreams. During the spring and summer, customers can choose from a variety of easy-to-transplant, decorative plants, in addition to vegetables and fruits which are perfect for filling out a garden. For those who prefer to grow in containers, there are plenty of pre-planted and empty containers to choose from. The retail store is also the perfect place to pick up your garden tools, potting soil, and other supplies.

The new location is more than just a place to stock up on everything for the garden; it is a great place to pick up new gardening knowledge as well. Every retail employee is cross-trained in landscaping to guarantee each one has the ability to answer customer questions correctly and to make helpful suggestions. Customers have the option to bring a plot map to the on-site Garden Design Display Area of their property for a complete landscape consultation and can even schedule a visit to their home or business for a more in-depth discussion. Shoppers won’t want to miss the display gardens to gain inspiration for their at-home landscaping projects.

When it comes right down to it, Green Acres Landscape, the company is all about creating spaces where everyone, family, friends, or neighbors, can build stronger connections. So, in order to create a stronger feeling of community, Green Acres Landscape is currently working on expanding its exhibit of outdoor artwork from local artists as well as inviting regional small-scale farmers to come and sell produce and fruit on the site.

With so much to buy, see, do, and learn, you better plan an entire afternoon for your visit!

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