You can make a difference to those devastated by wildfires. Below is a list of the many programs that are supporting fire relief efforts.

1. Oregon State Fair Foundation 

The Oregon State Fair Foundation is collecting donations to help aid The Oregon State Fairgrounds which are accommodating displaced animals and sheltering thousands of people who have lost their homes. For more information, call (971) 701-6573. 

If you would like to support these efforts, please donate to the Oregon State Fair Foundation here:

2. The United Way Mid-Valley Wildfire Relief Fund

The United way Mid-Valley Wildfire Relief Fund needs donations, volunteering, and items that go to those whose homes have been affected by wildfires. 

For more information about volunteering, donating, or supplying items, visit their website: 

3. The American Red Cross 

The American Red Cross needs donations that will be used as direct support in Wildfire relief and help supply food, water, medical treatment, and shelter for those impacted by the fire. 

To donate or find out more information visit their website:  

4. The Salem Fire Foundation 

The Salem Fire Foundation exists to support Salem Firefighters and educate citizens on fire safety and how to save lives. 

For more information visit their website, 

5. Keep Oregon Green 

Keep Oregon Green has been educating many Oregonians on how to prevent wildfires for years. Now they are taking action in wildfire relief efforts. 

For more information or to contribute to their cause visit 

Anyone can help. Whether it is donating, volunteering, or collecting needed items, these actions will greatly impact those working with wildfire relief efforts or those who needed to evacuate their homes. It’s more important than we ever that we unite to help one another. 

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