Leaf clean up in the fall often seems never-ending, especially when your yard is filled with trees. A mature oak tree can have as many 225,000 to 500,000 leaves — and that’s just one tree. The more trees on your property, the more leaves that fall each autumn. To tackle the time-consuming chore of leaf clean up, it’s important to have a plan.

Leaf Clean Up: Rake, Blow, or Mow

Leaf clean-up methods often depend on the size of the lawn, the number of trees on the property, and the homeowners ability to handle the chore. A basic rake isn’t expensive and can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store. Even some grocery and discount stores carry rakes. Raking leaves, depending on the yard, can be a long and laborious process even if you have kids to help. When choosing a rake, look for one that’s ergonomic and easy to handle.

Leaf blowers may take less effort than raking, but they can be noisy and heavy to handle. On average, a corded leaf blower may not offer enough power to move the leaves off the lawn, while a gas-powered leaf blower can be bulky. When using a leaf blower, a tarp is needed for moving the pile. We recommend a large polyethylene tarp, about 9-feet by 12-feet, or an old shower curtain can work as well. Simply spread it flat and blow the leaves onto it. To move the collected leaves, thread a sturdy cord through the tarp or shower curtain grommets. Knot the ends and it can be carried away.

Your lawn mower can be used to grind/chop up those fallen leaves, working to eliminate several hours of raking or leaf blowing. Mowers have the power to reduce leaves to very small bits if there’s only a light layer of leaves on the grass. Using the lawn mower for leaf clean up doesn’t work well for heavy blankets of leaves. The mower will strain and likely will stall out.

Vacuum, Mulch, and Compost

A vacuum attachment on the lawn mower quickly sucks the leaves from the lawn, bagging and making a tedious job a bit easier. This method works great for larger lawns, especially when you own the right equipment. Another option with the lawn mower is mulching the leaves into the lawn or collecting the mulched leaves in a bag and using them in the garden or flower beds.

After leaves have been vacuumed or mowed into fine bits or dust, then pour it all into your garden. Water the leaves to help start the decomposition process for a nutrient-rich mulch. Mulched leaves also are ideal to add to your composting bins.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Leaf Removal

Traditionally, raking leaves is a fall chore that takes time on weekends when you could be doing other things that are a bit more fun. Take back your weekend and hire a professional for easy leaf clean up. Professional lawn care teams, such as Green Acres Landscape Inc., have the right equipment for leaf removal and proper disposal. Leaf removal by Green Acres will save the homeowner much time and hassle. They can also treat your lawn with care.

The right leaf clean up methods can help benefit the lawn and improve the overall look of the property’s landscaping.

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