What to do when Mother Nature sends an ice storm?

You’ve heard of hearts of ice, but this Valentine’s Day weekend brought us ice and snow.  Residents were kept awake listening to the crackling and breaking of branches on their favorite trees.  Now, limbs litter the streets and yards. Heavy, broken branches threaten everything below. 

What to do? 

Here are some tips to keep you safe and save your trees as well.

Safety first.  Before rushing out with your chainsaw make sure that your tree is not near or touching a powerline.  Did you know that electricity could be conducted through water and ice?  Check with our local electric company before you tangle with electrical lines.  If your tree has fallen into the street, make sure to report it to the city.  If you do venture out, you should wear appropriate safety gear (hard hat) and watch out for pets.  Falling ice and branches are extremely heavy and dangerous.

Don’t rush it.   If you like yard work or are worried about your property, your first inclination may be to grab your loppers and start cleaning up.  You might want to wait.  As ice melts, those strong, flexible trees may bounce back.  As long as they’re not in the way, you might just see how they recover. If you must do some clean-up, use proper tools (don’t just start whacking your branches with the nearest rake).  Don’t put salt, water, or de-icing products on your branches. 


If you must – you can move broken branches from the ground or ones that block a driveway or roadway.  Take pictures of any damage that you may need for insurance or repair purposes.  If you notice an intact branch with heavy ice you may tap it lightly to see if you can remove some stress on the branch—but that requires caution.

Always:  Check with a professional.  Your trees are an investment and proper evaluation after an ice storm is important.  Year-long pruning and maintenance will help in the event of a future storm.

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