If the conditions are right, moss can grow anywhere. The spores are always present in the air; so as long as there’s sufficient light, moisture, and nutrition, moss will grow and thrive. Moss can cover almost any surface on your property, including the lawn, roof, walls, driveway, sidewalk, and deck. Here’s a small guide on how to remove moss grass from all surfaces.

How To Remove Moss From Lawn

Moss doesn’t really harm the grass or the turf, but it can inhibit the turf’s growth. It is a symptom rather than the root cause, because it indicates that soil and conditions on your lawn aren’t suitable for turf. Moss will thrive on acidic soil while grass requires a healthy pH level of 6.0 to 7.0. Moss will also grow well on compact soil or ground that has too much thatch. Grass requires ample sunlight so if your lawn has too much shade, it will not grow well.

All of these factors combine to ensure moss can grow well and grass can’t keep up with the competition. The best way to eliminate the moss is to rectify the conditions and ensure the soil has better pH, is loose, and has more sunlight. Once you correct the conditions, you can simply use a rake or dethatching blade to remove all of the moss. You can also use glyphosate herbicide, sulfate-based herbicide, or moss-killing soap to remove moss from the surface.

How To Remove Moss From Deck

Moss can make a deck slippery and dangerous. It can also compromise the physical integrity of the structure and shorten its lifespan. If you want to ensure your deck isn’t damaged, you need to remove moss as quickly as possible. Here’s what you can do:

  • Sweep the entire deck thoroughly; including areas that have moss cover. You need to remove all the dirt, leaves, and larger pockets of moss from the surface.
  • Wash the entire deck with plain water. Use a high-pressure nozzle that will provide enough force to remove the moss without damaging the deck.
  • Use a mixture of dishwasher detergent and water and apply it to all areas of the deck.
  • Sweep and scrub the deck after the soap water has loosened and agitated the moss. Sweeping will remove most of the moss; if you still spot some stubborn mold, use a scrub and elbow grease to remove it.
  • Once all moss is removed, spray the deck with water once again and make sure everything is clean.

How To Remove Moss From Roof

Roofs can be vulnerable to moss growth and it’s not as easy to clean as a deck or lawn. Here are some steps that can help you:

    • Use a sturdy and steady ladder to access the moss covered area of the roof. Make sure you wear protective clothing, non-slip shoes, protective glasses, and secure yourself with a rope before you climb onto the roof.
    • Use a soft bristled brush to gently scrub away all of the moss. Most of it should come off without problem.
    • If the moss is particularly stubborn, use chemical herbicides or homemade solutions like dishwasher soap and water to loosen it and remove it with gentle scrubbing.

How To Remove Moss From Driveway

Bleach is the best solution to remove moss from the driveway. You just need to make sure you use the chemical carefully because it can stain the pavement or kill the surrounding plants.

      • Mix about 20 ounces of bleach with 5 gallons of water and pour the mixture into a backpack or garden sprayer.
      • Let the bleach sit for 15 minutes before you wash it away with warm water.
      • The moss should die and become yellow in a few hours. At this point, it will be very easy to remove with a broom or brush.

How To Remove Moss From Brick

Brick is very porous and retains a lot of moisture, which can facilitate moss growth. Here’s what you can to do to eliminate it:

      • You can use bleach as mentioned in the previous point to remove the moss from brick. However, if you want to avoid bleach, we recommend using vinegar.
      • Just mix equal parts vinegar with water and load it into the sprayer.
      • Spray the solution onto the affected area and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before you wash it off.
      • The moss should die within a few hours and you can easily remove it with a scrub.

How To Remove Moss From Sidewalk?

You can use bleach to remove moss from the sidewalk as well. This solution works well for all hard surfaces. You can also try boiling water, power washing, or chemicals like ammonium sulfamate and sodium pentachlorophenate. Both of these solutions are dangerous to use, so it’s better to stick with bleach or pressure washing.

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