Spring brings back life in everything around us. Flowers bloom, trees bud, grass grows, and the temperatures get warmer. With all that life comes a long checklist of lawncare improvements and repairs to make. This includes getting your irrigation system up and running to guarantee efficient water flow and energy bills. If you’re looking for advice on how to care for your system this spring, turn to our experts at Green Acres Landscape.

Do a Systems Check

Before you begin running water through your sprinklers, it’s essential that you check the system to make sure all of the valves, pipes, drip emitters, and hose lines are intact. Inspect the valves and tops of your sprinklers, and replace any cracked or damaged tops. Check and repair any leaky valves to save money on your water bill, and make sure the control panel is operating correctly by replacing batteries.

Check the Timer

Part of your springtime irrigation inspection should include checking and potentially resetting the timer. If your water needs have changed, reset the timer to run when you think your lawn will need the most water. If you’re planting new grass or flowers, it’s likely that you’ll need to water more frequently. It’s best to adjust your timer to run more frequently until well into the season when your lawn is green and the flowers have bloomed. But don’t forget to reset it back to your original morning/evening routine for the summer.

Move Obstructions

Unused sprinkler heads can get sand and dirt trapped under the nozzles and spray heads, creating potential blockages. This can lead to uneven water distribution and water backups that can flood other areas of your lawn. Before you run your first sprinkler cycle, clear the spray heads of any debris that may be blocking water flow. Checking this off your list will also ensure that none of your sprinklers became buried or damaged during the winter.

Perform a Test

Run your first initial sprinkler test slowly, to ensure that your water pressure is correct and that you didn’t miss any leaking hoses. If your water pressure is too high, it can lead to burst pipes and a flooded yard. Running an initial test with a watchful eye will allow you to monitor the system. If you have a zone system, run each zone independently to catch potentially broken sprinklers or water leaks. Get any of these repairs performed right away, before you run your system consistently this spring.

Your springtime lawn care and irrigation system checks are an important chore when the seasons change. If you’re looking for guidance or licensed experts to help with this year’s repairs and landscape design, contact us at Green Acres Landscape. We proudly serve the Salem, Eugene, and Albany, OR, areas. To request your free estimate, give us a call today at (503) 399-8066.

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