In our last blog post, we talked about professional careers in the landscaping industry and how to pursue one. Working in the landscaping industry may not even hit the radar of most people when they start job hunting.  However, if you talk to people who started working in the field, most will say it provided both stable and interesting employment with tremendous growth potential. If you like working outside, being independent, and learning how to care for our earth this job… and possibly career can be very fulfilling.

For people who dread being trapped in an office all day or enjoy working with their hands and want a job where every day is different a landscaping career might just be for

Maybe you enjoy those things but aren’t ready or interested in pursuing higher (and costly!) education. That’s okay! There are jobs within the industry that don’t require any experience or training.  Do those jobs well and you can be on track to a good-paying, long-term career.

Here are some of the tasks that could be included in an entry-level job in the landscaping industry:

  • Lawn/yard maintenance (mowing, edging, pruning, weeding, raking, fertilizing)
  • Irrigation work
  • Warehouse work
  • Customer service
  • Inspecting problems
  • Operating power tools
  • Laying stones or bricks
  • Data entry and paperwork
  • Pest management
  • Lighting
  • Moving, carrying, placing, measuring all types of materials.

One great advantage of these jobs is that if you have challenges (physical, language) that have been a barrier to obtaining other employment, landscaping invites you to explore where you could fit in. 

Each company and job position is different, but this list provides an idea of the variety of tasks that can be included within the field of work.

Starting in an entry-level job can also lead to working your way up and gaining higher-level skills and make more money and obtain benefits for you and your family. So, if you are interested in a job like this but don’t want to pursue a degree, consider looking for a job in landscape!

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