Three Unique Holiday Party Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Are you planning on spreading a little bit of cheer this year with your annual holiday party? Don’t drag out the same old, tired decorations from the closet you have been using for the past five years. Wow your guests with something a little different this holiday season. Do you need a few suggestions for creating the perfect theme for your get-together? Try one of these interesting twists to replace a more common holiday party theme.


A ‘Through Time and Space’ Holiday Party.

One of the most fascinating aspects of any holiday is the sheer number of different regional customs that have built up over time around a particular celebration. Why not take your guests on a journey through history and around the world to explore a few of these far-flung holiday traditions?

The internet is a treasure trove of games and activities which were either popular in the past or are still common in different countries for a particular holiday online.

A few ideas to get you started can include:

  • A pine cone Christmas tree decorated with spider webs from Ukraine.
  • Carving vegetables for Christmas from Mexico.
  • Eating jelly donuts for Hanukah from Morocco.

Are you willing to take your ‘Through Time and Space’ party to the next level? Use lighting, plants, flowers and rock formations to create authentic space for each of your activities.


A ‘Have a Healthy Holiday’ Holiday Party.

Going to a holiday party means saying goodbye to your healthy diet or risk being called a ‘Grinch,’ right? Not necessarily. An increasing number of people are opting for living a healthier lifestyle. Why not cater to them by hosting a ‘Have a Healthy Holiday’ party?

Instead of the typical calorie-laden food and drinks served at most seasonal parties, serve up health-conscious alternates such as replacing meat entrees with vegetable dishes or substituting smoothies for eggnog. But it doesn’t have to stop with just what you serve. Get your guests moving by offering group yoga under mood lighting or help them melt away holiday stress with a guided meditation in your own Asian-inspired indoor garden.


A ‘Below the Equator’ Holiday Party.

In the Northern hemisphere, this time of year is intrinsically linked to blustery weather and snow. That is not the case for those who are living south of the equator. So, why not embrace the climate differences and host a ‘Below the Equator’ holiday party?

It is simple to bring a bit of the tropics into your home by creating a lush indoor tropical forest. Gather a few tropical plants and trees in pots inside your party space and decorate them with festive lighting. Serve a variety of food and drinks which are holiday favorites from the other half of the world. Complete the look of your party by asking your guests to arrive in T-shirts, shorts, and sandals.


Are you interested in hosting a party with one of these themes but don’t have a few dozen potted plants at home? Or perhaps you just want to deck the halls with a little more greenery for your guests. Green Acres Landscape offers a complete special events staging service for any occasion. You can choose from a wide variety of options including custom lighting, flowers, plants, decorative stones, or even a fire pit. Green Acres Landscape will arrive before your event to set up and will take down everything when the party ends so you can concentrate on other things. Call 503-399-8066 to learn more.

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