Nobles, Grands, and Douglas Firs are the best Christmas trees to get this Holiday season! The most popular types of Christmas trees are fir trees because they shed fewer needles when they dry and maintain their scent and color. 

Douglas firs are the most common type of tree in the US! They are grown and shipped all over North America. They have 1-1.5 inch dark green, soft needles that radiate in all directions from the stem, providing a beautiful, full look. They retain their color and scent long into the winter and are great for hanging ornaments and lights. 

Noble fir is soft-needled with a dark-green to slightly bluish-green in color. The branches are strong and can support big, heavy ornaments. Because of its durability, the Noble fir is used to make wreaths, garlands, and other Christmas products.

Grand fir Christmas trees are often chosen because of their wonderful scent. They are beautiful, thick foliaged trees with shiny dark green needles. The branches appear flattened because of their arrangement on the twigs. Grand firs are known to be very tolerant of cold temperatures. They will last 4-5 weeks with proper care after being harvested.

Holding heavy ornaments and retaining a beautiful appeal are only some of the many benefits to Nobles, Grands, and Douglas Firs this Winter. Purchase one today from our website!

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