The holiday season is almost here! Eager holiday-goers will soon be going to a tree farm or lot to pick a tree. Whether it’s an annual tradition or not, Christmas tree shopping can make for a fun and memorable day for all. Many households, however, are now switching to fake trees for the sake of convenience and ease. Although artificial trees are less maintenance and easier to set up, some great benefits come with real trees. 

When deciding between a real or fake Christmas tree, consider these factors:

Real Christmas trees are Better for The Environment  

Many argue that cutting down a tree makes them feel guilty and wasteful, but did you know that when one tree is cut down, there are one to three seedlings planted in its place? Real trees are harvested to be cut down, promoting green space that helps the environment and ecosystem thrive. Cutting the trees also promotes healthier air. During the seven to ten years it takes for a Christmas tree to grow to the standard size, the tree absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. When the tree is ready to retire, it is also 100% biodegradable and creates many nutrients for the soil. You may not even have to do the work of getting rid of the tree, as many companies will pick up your Christmas tree to recycle it as mulch for farmers. Real Christmas trees are resourceful before and after they’re used for holiday decor. 

Purchasing a Real Christmas Tree is Better for The Local Economy 

In 2018, the state of Oregon made over $90 million in the wholesale of trees. In the US as a whole, local tree farms have employed over 100,000 people. Going to a local nursery or company that sells Christmas trees helps boost the local economy.

The Negative Impact of a Fake Christmas Tree

Artificial trees are made with petroleum-based products, which makes them non-biodegradable. The majority of fake trees are manufactured and shipped from China, causing more carbon and fossil fuel emissions that negatively impact the environment. When a fake tree is ready to be thrown out, it will lay in a landfill for centuries. 

There are many good reasons to buy a real Christmas tree. Will you make memories with your loved ones this year by taking a day to pick, decorate, and enjoy the smell of a fresh fir tree? 

Visit your local garden center or farm to pick out your Christmas tree. Green Acres Landscape sells real trees with an option for flocking. For more information about our products and services, call us at (503) 399-8066 or visit our Facebook page to see pictures. 

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