Oregon winters are typically a rainy, cold, and cloudy affair. This winter has been no different. Dubbed La Niña, we can expect to see significantly more grey clouds and a deluge of rain. While your lawn doesn’t require the same amount of care as it does in other seasons, you still need to maintain it. Now is the time to prepare your lawn to look gorgeous in the spring!


Rake up any leaves, pick up sticks, and remove debris. Cleaning your yard does more than help it look presentable; it removes unnecessary weight from the top of your grass, which could suffocate or damage it. It will also help to prevent bald spots in your yard. 

Although the growth of your grass will slow down or stop entirely during the winter, continue to mow your lawn. When you cut your grass in the winter, you should always use a bag attachment and trim your grass a quarter of an inch or shorter than during the warmer months. Winter mowing is a great way to get rid of hardy weeds and collect and dispose of their seeds to prevent your lawn from being overgrown in the spring.


Once you have cleaned and mowed your lawn, fertilize it with winter fertilizer. This step will give your lawn essential nutrients for winter. The roots will absorb the fertilizer, which provides it with a headstart in the spring. More green grass will also mean less room for pests and weeds.

Keep in mind that you need to use the correct fertilizer for your lawn. Talk to a garden/lawn professional about what product is best. You can find fertilizer at most major home improvement and garden stores. Or, have a professional landscaping company provide the service.


Overseeding is when you apply grass seed to an already existing lawn. Older lawns tend to thin and become sparse. If you use an extra layer of grass seed now, your yard will look more full and less patchy in the spring.


Finally, after you have picked up debris, mowed, and seeded, try to stay off your lawn. We are in the midst of the coldest months of the year. If you walk on your grass when it’s frozen and brittle, it could become permanently damaged.

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