Three Cute Fall Porch Ideas You Can Complete This Weekend

Summer is almost over, and as the colder weather approaches, it is the perfect time to beginning thinking about ways to create a warmer welcome for your home. Updating the look of your porch is easier than you imagine when you incorporate a few of these fall-inspired ideas for your front porch.

Create a gentle glow.

As the days grow shorter and the nights get longer,  who doesn’t look forward to returning home to a beautifully illuminated front porch? But instead of selecting standard lighting fixtures like everyone else on your block, why not add a bit of individuality by choosing an alternative lighting option?

Fairy lights and larger globe bulbs strung from the columns of your porch creates whimsical charm without making your neighbors think you are decorating for Christmas months a little too early. Stay away from colored bulbs and go for clear or slightly frosted bulbs for a softer feel. If you want to plan ahead, investing in lights with the ability to change colors gives you the ability to celebrate holidays and other special occasions without doing additional decorating. You can save money by using a wifi-enabled outlet.

Think about breaking out the paint.

A new coat of paint quickly transforms the appearance of any entryway. Forget about painting your entire porch unless you have the time to tackle such an enormous task. Just updating the color of your door is enough to give your home a whole new look. But why stop there? Consider painting your outdoor furniture for even more of an impact.

While orange is the color most people associate with the fall, the idea of having a door in that color throughout the year won’t appeal to everyone. If you prefer something a little less bold, consider other fall-inspired colors such as pale green, sage, light violet, or a rich brown.

No time to paint? You can still add splashes of color to your porch with new chair cushions, an outdoor rug or a dried flower wreath. Want more fall porch decor ideas?

Incorporate your landscape into your design.

Many homeowners believe that once fall arrives, they don’t need to spend time worrying about their landscaping. While you may not need to mow your lawn, weed your flowerbed, or trim your hedges as much once summer is over, don’t forget that you can still use season-hardy plants to help beautify your home and lawn.

Cool weather plants and flowers are just as stunning as their warmer-weather cousins. When people think of fall flowers, most imagine chrysanthemums and marigolds. But why limit yourself? Don’t be afraid to stray from the most common plants and flowers and choose something a little more unique like ornamental kale. These little-utilized plants come in a variety of colors from deep greens to eye-catching purples. Other options include potted grasses, sweet potato vines, and sunflowers.

Autumn plants look great as borders for your porch, but they work equally well in containers.  Display several smaller pots on a multi-tier rack or go for large, unique containers to make a bold statement.

Green Acres Landscape provides year-round landscaping services for home and business owners in the Salem, Oregon area. Whether you need help planning your fall landscaping project or are looking ahead to the spring, call 503-399-8066 to request a free estimate.

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